Product details of GSM Land Line Phone - Black

One using (2G: GSM: 900/1800MHZ)

Caller ID


Phone supports 500 Personal Address Book

128 x 64 Resolution


GSM Land Line Phone

Supports strokes, Pinyin,

numbers, symbols and English-sensitive input methods. Supports the

English short message reception, access, edit, send and SMS storage.

High-quality call function, provides the voice volume, volume buttons as

well as ringer volume control.

Supports barring of incoming calls,

outgoing call restrictions, call waiting, call forwarding and other

functions. Lock operators and other support functions.

128 x 64

resolution, 2.7-inch monochrome display with back light display. You can

choose T network, or G network priority. Supports PC Modem function.

Support line allows you to recharge your way, low voltage,

anti-vibration, protection technology, to extend the life of the phone.

Supports English as well as Chinese menu and SMS.