Brand new and 

Can exercise your abs, arms, legs and back 

Keep your tights and buttocks slim 

Develop your shoulders and back 

Great for Yoga and Pilates exercises 

Especially beneficial for "safe stretching" 

Can improve range of motion and flexibility 

Can effectively improve muscle strength, physical mobility and flexibility. 

Improve athletic performance, to help treating a variety of chronic diseases. 

When you pull the elastic band from the beginning,the longer you pull ,the bigger resistance you will get it. 

The size of elastic band is in charge of the muscle strength. 

Natural Latex,No toxic and no smell, not to stimulate the skin, good elasticity, toughness, strong and durable

Set of different colors have different levels of resistance. 

Ensuring that it can meet the needs of your workouts no matter what level you're at.please see the description. 

Stretch, snap and sweat resistant, they can be stretched repeatedly year after year